How to know if you’re happy

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 Oct 2022:

Waking up every morning feeling happy should be among the most instinctive of thoughts and the easiest to recognise.

Knowing you have toilet facilities within easy access and be able to quickly satisfy your hunger with breakfast or just enjoy a hot drink are simple yet priceless pleasures.

Know that these first few minutes of your day are the most important in deciding if you’re happy.

Being glad for such conveniences – while so many others don’t even have clean water, food or shelter – should be a conscious thought daily. Appreciating how lucky you are is the best way to know if you’re happy.

Now look back on today and check – were you happy during those first few minutes? Why? What other reasons were enough to make you so unhappy that you cannot stay grateful for your good fortune?

When seen in such a simplified perspective – when the answer is just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ – it becomes clear that happiness is fully determined from within yourself. If you’re already happy from the inside-out, there’s very little that others can impose on you or be able to yank it out to throw away your happiness.

So treasure your ability to hold firmly onto your happiness. It all starts in the first few minutes of your day, before anyone or anything else intrudes. Just focus on being happy then and you’ll soon be surprised by how easy it is to continue being happy.