Haj pilgrims advised to drink lots of water

MADINAH, 12 July 2019: 

Haj pilgrims must drink a minimum of three litres of drinking water a day to ensure their bodies remain hydrated in the hot weather in the Holy Land to avoid falling sick.

However, said Tabung Haji Board (TH) Madinah Operations (Medical) director Dr Hairul Izwan Abdul Rahman, the water should be consumed in stages throughout a 24-hour period.

“They are not supposed to drink three litres in one go, and this is the minimum amount, so drink more than that to ensure the body remains hydrated.

“To make it easier for them to remember, they should consume six of the small 500ml bottles of mineral water a day, the temperature is quite high now, more than 46 degrees Celcius at noon.”

A total of 30,200 Malaysians will be performing the pilgrimage during the haj season this year, aided by 640 TH staff.

Dr Hairul Izwan said the pilgrims can also add in oral rehydration salts (ORS) in the drinking water to replace mineral salts which their bodies have lost. He added that the ORS can be obtained at the TH clinics.

Dr Hairul Izwan also said the pilgrims are advised not to leave their hotels unless necessary and to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays.

“They are advised to stay indoors, if they want to be in the mosque, go to mosques which are air-conditioned. It is very hot outside and sometimes we do not realise that.”

– Bernama