Ferrari cars turned into avant garde artworks (video)

GUADALAJARA, 13 Nov 2022:

The lines and forms of 15 Ferrari cars became canvases for Mexican artists at the Autoart World show this weekend in Guadalajara in Mexico.

In the heart of the historic centre of the Jalisco state capital, the iconic cars were transformed into works of art to be admired by thousands of fans of the automotive world.

During the opening ceremony, Autoart World CEO Charly Meier said this initiative seeks to combine art and the taste that people in Mexico have for cars.

“Cars are art, I am a fan of cars and many people around the world agree with me that sports cars, old cars, this type of thing brings people that ‘sex appeal’.”

The cars are the property of individuals who agreed to let the 15 artists embellish them. The Ferraris will be on public display and owners then have the option of removing the work – attached using a special removable film – or leaving it on for people to admire.

Those at the exhibition will be able to see models such as the 360 Modena, 488 GTB, as well as a single-seater for Formula 1.

A jaguar simulating the chaquira technique of the Wixárika indigenous community, a multicoloured horse, a man with a bird’s head and graffiti-style designs were some of the themes painted by the artists Friday night and early yesterday.

A painter with a decade of experience in easel pieces, Tessy de Teresa said the idea of working on a car was “unusual” and was a challenge not only because of the way she had to conceive the work, but because it was new for her career.

“As an artist you are always looking for new spaces and platforms to show your art. In this case the fact that it is object art on high-end vehicles is so cool. I think it is an amazing way to get out of your comfort zone – generally when you paint you are in the studio, and breaking away from that in front of people creates magic.”

With precision and patience, the artist created Creandum – an abstract piece in which she shows what an artist’s creative process is like and how it reaches the public.

Aram Cortés, a young artist of mural and easel work, produced Cielo Rojo (Red Sky) – a surrealist piece dominated by a humanoid with the head of a bird that is linked to icons of Mexican culture such as tequila, agave and the Mexican land.

“It’s the first time I’ve done it – challenges are important and as an artist you have to have them to grow.”

On the hood of a 488 model, muralist Homero Regla made a human figure from a perspective as if the car were a wall where he could create a mural.

“My specialty is muralism and the challenge is that I always have to take the architecture of a building into account, and here it is the architecture of a work of art, of a car. The textures (of the car) are a novelty, I am going to adapt to them so that they are part of the work. I have to consider everything,” he explained.

The cars will be exhibited this weekend (Nov 12-13) in the historic centre of Guadalajara. The next Autoart World will be in Miami, US, in February 2023.