Farmer cut off own trapped leg with pocket knife

LINCOLN, 15 May 2019: 

In an eerie similarity to 2010 movie 127 Hours, a farmer in Nebraska had to cut off his own leg with a pocket knife – after he got caught in some farming machinery.

Kurt Kaser, 63, had removed the safety screening from the mobile corn harvesting machine last month so it could function on the still-frozen ground – and his leg got sucked in.

“I stepped right in the damn thing. It grabbed ahold of me,” he told ABC News.

With no one around and couldn’t find his cell phone, he then remembered his pocket knife – which he described as having a 3-to-4-inch blade.

Sawing his leg about eight inches below the knee, he then had to crawl almost 200 feet to get to a phone once freed.

Saying the ordeal took about five minutes, he doesn’t remember experiencing much pain and didn’t notice a lot of blood. “Adrenaline kicked in so much that I don’t know if it hurt or not.”

Evacuated by a medical helicopter to a hospital about 90 miles away to undergo surgery, he added: “I never lost consciousness until they put me out in Lincoln when they started operating on me.”