Durian pizza a delicate balance of a dessert

PORT DICKSON, 6 Feb 2023:

How many more ways can there be to enjoy the ‘King of Fruits’?

The Royal Durian PD cafe has come up with several more, with the most prominent being a 9-inch pizza that truly enhances the flavour of the ‘Musang King’ durian that it highlights.

The thick crust base is unsalted to provide a neutral foundation for the main durian cheesy flavour. This crust is also slightly chewy, rather than flaky or powdery, to better complement the custard texture of the fruit.

Fresh durian pulp is an amazing replacement for the typical tomato paste, presenting a solid core for the tastebuds, with a light smattering of mozzarella cheese to bond the whole pastry together.

Topping off the pizza and adding a nice visual contrast are half-cut grapes, making it easy to delineate the eight slices that are resultant once fully baked.

The pizza can be enjoyed piping hot with the durian-cheese combination melting in the mouth with an explosive burst of flavour, or let cool into a fudge-like texture to prolong the tantalising sensation within the mouth.

This unique pizza isn’t the only highlight at this cafe, located a stone’s throw away from the PD Ostrich Show Farm along the touristy Teluk Kemang beachfront of Port Dickson.

Serving a variety of reasonably-priced local dishes within an open-shed spread or inside an air-conditioned bus, another durian dessert to savour would be the caramel-nut concoction.