Double the comfort at MBO Atria Mall

PETALING JAYA, 29 Dec 2018: 

While many people like cinemas to be pitch-black – so they can be completely engrossed in the movie being screened – large dark halls aren’t exactly the cosiest places to be if you’re a child.

That’s one of the main reasons why MBO Cinemas in Malaysia introduced the Kecil movie hall over a year  ago – and its latest complex at the Atria Mall here has two!

With dim lighting to let young eyes see where they are at all times and avoid stumbling on carpeted steps, a play area with slides and more plus lower movie volume so parents can hear their children if attention is needed quickly, the Kecil movie hall by MBO Cinemas in Malaysia caters for young couples with kids in tow.

There are also Kecil Sofabeds and bean bags should either the child or parent need to nap – all part of the initiative by MBO Cinemas to let families better interact at the movies.

Beyond the easily accessible nappy changing room just outside the MBO Kecil movie hall entrances, there are the usual movie snacks and beverages plus the Cafecito coffee bar – where premium beverages and heartier dishes are served.

“The MBO Kecil movie halls have been very popular and since the Atria Mall caters mainly to the residential community within this area, we decided to have two so that more young families can enjoy time at the movies,” said chief operations officer Cheah Chun Wai

“And since Atria Mall is quite close to the Starling Mall, where there’s another MBO Kecil movie hall on offer too, we believe these will fit very well with the large residential community here.”

While the MBO Kecil movie halls may cater for the younger lot, its ambience and facilities also make them a welcome treat for those diagnosed with autism spectrum – especially given the daunting experience of being in dark, loud cinemas. The MBO Kecil movie hall’s dim lighting and lower movie volumes offer a far more pleasant cinema experience.

And if you’re wheelchair-bound, fret not as lifts and ramps provide easy access across floor levels and you’ll even get the best seating in the movie hall!

But for those seeking more sophisticated cinema ambience, MBO Atria Mall also offers the Samsung Onyx Hall with ultra-sharp 4K LED screen complemented by sculpted Harman’s JBL Surround Sound System.

This cinema complex also boasts the Big Screen hall with laser projection by BARCO, enhanced with Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology (with speakers all around and even above) to literally place you within the movie setting.

“We believe movie goers deserve the best when coming to the cinema. On that note, we have taken extra attention to equip our cinema halls with only the best of what sound and projection has to offer for maximum viewing pleasure,” said Cheah.

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