Do you spend more time in a car, or in bed?

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 April 2019: 

It’s hard to imagine just how much value to put on a good night’s sleep – many a times, we can only look back and wish it could have been better.

But the new Slumberland MyZmartBed – which will be available from June – aims to take most of the guesswork out of how best to get comfortable once you get into bed by literally giving you control of around 2,000 spots in the mattress under you.

This ‘smart’ bed also keeps track of how you shift while asleep, adjusting in real-time to ensure you remain comfortable till you wake up refreshed.

And all this personal luxury is available for around RM4,000 annually over the 10-year-guarantee of this latest Slumberland offering, otherwise priced at RM39,880.

“When you consider how much many of us are willing to pay for cars and how much time we actually spend in them, compared to the benefit you stand to gain from sleeping on the right bed, the price becomes less of a factor,” noted Hilding Anders regional president of Asia Pacific Slumberland Division Marco Righi.

And better yet, he said “both sides of the Slumberland MyZmartBed are controlled independently, so the bed is ideal for couples who have different definitions of comfort. The bed is fitted with a topper of your choice – either natural latex core topper or memory foam topper.”

The technology is drawn from hospital beds for immobile patients, aiming to reduce the chances of bed sores developing. The patented smart-layer technology from Responsive Surface Technology (ReST) is a recipient of two awards for its innovation; 2015 CES Innovation Award Winner and 2019 NSF SleepTech Award Winner.

Plugged into separate wall power sockets, since this is effectively two beds-in-one, the MyZmartBed comes with an app that also records sleep data and may provide insights to body positions and movements which may aid doctors in diagnosing sleep disorders like apnoea, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome.

This app is being constantly enhanced and as a result, this bed’s functionality – updated via wifi – is ready for future enhancements, said Righi.

Malaysia is the second market where the Slumberland MyZmartBed  has been launched – after China – and this new sleep luxury is being rolled out across all this mattress manufacturer’s network as it celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.