Cranberry juice weakens bacteria, making antibiotics more effective

MONTREAL, 29 May 2019: 

While cranberries delight with their tangy taste and are known to be filled with antioxidants, a new study by McGill University and INRS has found they also contain compounds which bacteria more sensitive to antibiotics.

This finding can give new lease of life to existing antibiotics – which many bacteria had become resistant to due to overuse of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture.

If left unchecked, millions of people face the bleak prospect of risks posed in the pre-antibiotic era of the last century – where even minor infections can be deadly. But the latest study  found that bacteria don’t develop resistance to the antibiotics when delivered with cranberry extract.

What makes this research even more exciting is that weakened bacterial walls let the antibiotic penetrate more easily, and the bacteria have a harder time getting rid of it – which makes the drug effective at lower doses.