Butterflies galore released into KL wild

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 March 2023:

Ahead of World Butterfly Day tomorrow (March 14), children and adults alike watched in delight as 1,500 captive-bred butterflies were released into Kuala Lumpur city centre at The LINC KL.

This release was held in collaboration with the Chrysalis Project – the first-of-its-kind, urban experimental butterfly repopulation and conservation project in Malaysia.

The initiative celebrates butterflies – which play an important role in pollination for plants. The objective of releasing 1,500 butterflies in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is to increase the biodiversity and to improve the local ecosystem in the city centre.

In addition to repopulating butterflies, the project also aims to engage with the local community, especially the younger generation, to be part of the conservation journey through the various programmes that the Chrysalis Project has to offer.

Activities held included workshops and activities designed for children – Young Entomologist Workshop, Plant a Butterfly Hostplant, a mini exotic petting zoo, Adopt a Caterpillar and other environmental education activities. Some 150 children and parents participated in the day’s activities.