Bosch shower heaters can beep warnings

PETALING JAYA, 12 Sept 2019: 

Unlike most shower heaters which can stop operating when a power surge breaks the fuse, Bosch Malaysia has introduced a range of home shower heaters that alert you if there’s low current leakage as low as 0.13W – before a fuse is blown.

This beeping sound is part of a two-step safety mechanism in the three models making their debut in Malaysia – ahead of Southeast Asian neighbours.

“The Tronic 3000s, the Tronic 6000s and the Tronic 6000s each come with 3.8kW power capacity for faster heating, temperature anti-scalding technology to minimise the sudden surge in temperature while showering and a two-year warranty for safety assurance. It also automatically conducts safety checks of your water heater when the heater is switched on,” said Bosch Thermotechnology regional sales director Tan Kwang Hui at today’s official launch.

Featuring single On-Off switch at the instant electric heater for further convenience, these bathroom devices all come with pumps to cater for low and irregular water pressures.

The entry-level Tronic 3000s, priced at RM429 without installation, has a LED ring on the front that makes it easy to see the current heating power at a glance – while the next two models display the actual water temperature in Celsius.

While the Tronic 6000s, priced at RM759, allows you to switch off the water pump if desired and better control water heating temperature, the premium Tronic 8000s (RM999) also lets you have three different temperature settings for family members who want either warmer or colder showers.

The maximum temperature served by all these water heaters is set at 45 degrees Celsius, said Tan, who noted there’s no waiting time for these bathroom devices – which stream the correctly heated water instantly.

Drawing on decades-long experience with producing industrial and commercial water heaters, Tan said these Bosch Tronic series of electric instantaneous water heater has a warranty period of two years for general parts, five years for heating and DC pump, and 10 years for tank leakage.

The launch of its first ever home shower heater comes as Bosch marks 100 years in Southeast Asia, having begun operating in Surabaya a century ago. Bosch has been present in Malaysia since 1923, represented by Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd, with offices located in Selangor and Penang.

Bosch Malaysia managing director Simon Song said the occasion, marked by Bosch Experience Day 2019 for its dealers and major clients – showed off the breadth of the German conglomerate’s product range.

“Bosch has one ultimate aim – to enhance the quality of life through technology and innovation, be it for homes or businesses, besides enriching the society of which Bosch operates in.”

With over 5,000 staff employed in Malaysia, the group’s largest workforce in Southeast Asia, Song said the three Bosch factories here are also world-class – manufacturing various industrial products sold around the globe.