Make money on the smartphone in your spare time

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 Aug 2017: 

With the amount of time spent on the smartphone daily, shouldn’t you also consider ways to make some money using this ever-present mobile device?

That’s exactly what US marketing tech firm Billaway aims to do – by paying you for opinions via participation in surveys on your smartphone.

The payment amounts vary for each survey – ranging from 50 sen to RM10 or more. The amount collected from survey participation can be redeemed for mobile airtime – in multiples of RM10 in the next month’s billing cycle.

The mechanism to take part in this programme is simple – you’d download the BBM Messenger app, find the rewards option within the app and then take part in the surveys.

Do note that not all smartphones will allow you to take part in the surveys via the BBM Messenger app – but the latest models usually work.

If you’re among the lucky ones, take note the cash rewards start from the moment to register (RM2) and update your details (50 sen).

Thereafter, keep track of available surveys and check back regularly as these are updated often. Upon completing the surveys, you’d accumulate credit – and once you reach RM10, this will automatically be credited to your mobile account on the 15th of the next month.

For example – when you complete surveys in August, you will see the credit added to your account on or about Sept 15 and receive a text from your mobile operator informing you of the top up.

Participating telcos in this Billaway survey rewards programme are Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, Tune Talk, U Mobile and overseas prepaid telco service provider Merchantrade.

In an interview, marketing director Tom Haley said Billaway began its survey rewards in the US and Canada. Success there has led to the firm expanding its offerings to another five countries – UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Singapore and Malaysia.

Explaining this expansion strategy, he said this is due to the strong acceptance of BBM Messenger as a communications trusted app – leveraging on the long-standing reputation of BlackBerry’s security integrity.

Being in the advanced stage of either developing or developed nations, Haley said users in these nations have a better appreciation for how the survey reward scheme works.

As for the surveys, he said these seek consumer insights on a variety of topics such as sports, beauty, politics, food, technology and more.

Asked if any user can accumulate enough credit from participating in these surveys, Haley said it depends on the number of such polls offered in any given month.

And since the service was launched in Malaysia just weeks ago, the number of surveys offered here may still be few – but Haley promised the amount will grow as there’s wider acceptance of this rewards scheme.

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