Should local youths be seen as ‘strawberry generation’?

MELAKA, 27 Aug 2017: 

The ‘strawberry generation’ seeking jobs should come out of their comfort zone and change their mindset if they want to be employed, says 1Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M) secretariat head Norashikin Ismail.

She also urged unemployed graduates to cease being too choosy or giving up easily when they failed to land their dream jobs.

She said there were various criteria set by the ‘strawberry generation’ when it involved job search, including posts suitable with their qualification, lucrative salary, less work and a refusal to relocate from their hometown.

“Most of the graduates have unreasonably high expectation and there were those who expect their first job’s monthly salary at RM5, 000.

“Therefore, I urge the graduates to stop being too choosy on salary as they will gain experience…the majority of us started off with small salary first, then built up our career over time.”

– Bernama

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