Kedah buffalo milk makes better mozzarella

JITRA, 30 Nov 2019:

It is said that buffalo milk, which is creamier than cow’s milk, makes a better mozzarella.

Having seen the potential in growing demand for buffalo milk, mechanic Megat Izham Megat Hassan, 42, decided to become a dairy farmer and invested RM60,000 in 2006 in a milk operation with six buffaloes at the beginning – and which now number 30.

“Alhamdulillah, I can make RM4,000 – RM5,000 per month, a much better income than when I was a mechanic.”

He said each buffalo could ordinarily produce about 7kg of milk per day, “but now we’re getting just 20kg of milk per day because pregnant buffaloes produce less milk”.

Sold at RM13 per kg, Kampung Lembah Arang – where the farm is located  residents who enjoy drinking it and a mozzarella producer in Langkawi are constant customers.

“Besides being high in protein and fat, locals love to use it as a santan (coconut milk) replacement, pairing it with pulut durian (glutinous rice with durian), leading to a surge in demand during durian season.”

Megat Izham, who also rears goats and deer, hopes to see his farm become an agrotourism destination someday.

– Bernama