Japan allows part-time work for stranded foreigners

TOKYO, 1 Dec 2020:

Japan’s Immigration Services Agency said it will allow foreigners without working visas to have part-time jobs if it is difficult for them to return to their countries amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to Japan’s news agency Jiji Press.

The agency started accepting applications today at immigration centres across the country.

It will allow such foreigners to work part time up to 28 hours a week if they meet certain conditions – such as not being able to find flights to return to their home countries and not receiving sufficient financial support from their families to support their livelihoods in Japan.

The measure is mainly for short-term visitors – such as those who came to Japan for sightseeing, business or visiting relatives – and foreigners with visas for designated activities, who are not allowed to work after completing technical training courses.

According to the agency, there were about 16,000 people with short-term visas and about 5,000 with visas for designated activities staying in Japan currently.

– Bernama