Hand-sewn carbon-neutral clothing brand from Mexico

MEXICO CITY, 9 Nov 2022:

Someone Somewhere – a sustainable fashion brand that empowers indigenous people – has become the first climate-neutral certified manufacturing company in Mexico.

Founded in 2016 by three childhood friends – Antonio Nuno, Fatima Alvarez and Enrique Rodriguez – the company combines techniques inspired by various artisan communities with contemporary products.

The idea came to the founders when they started visiting rural communities as volunteers when they were still in high school.

“We discovered that it was an incredible world with potential and that there was a great possibility of having a social and environmental impact if we could connect these techniques with what the world buys,” Nuno said during an interview.

The key to their success is spending a significant amount of time in the communities building the business model with them and understanding their way of working, Nuno explained.

For years, they experimented with different paths, but they wanted to work on a large scale for a bigger impact on the communities from the very first day.

Today, six years after creating the company, Nuno says they have the ability to manufacture 10 million items.

Between the artisans, their families and other workers, the company has more than 1,500 employees in central and southern Mexican states such as Oaxaca, Michoacan, Puebla and Guerrero. They also plan to expand into Guatemala and Peru.

“The key is to make people feel the brand is connected to their values ​​and that they know they are generating an impact in the communities with each purchase,” the CEO outlined.

All the items are signed by the craftsmen who made them, and there is a platform where customers can speak to them directly.

“People from more than 100 countries have contacted the craftsmen to thank them. It is wonderful because when we share the messages with them, you can see how proud they get,” said Nuno.

The company also supports women, who represent about 75% of collaborating artisans.

“It is well established that women invest 90% of their time and income in their families, and it is agreed that empowering women in rural communities is perhaps the most efficient way to combat poverty,” he noted.

After receiving the Climate Neutral certificate, Someone Somewhere is now the first clothing company to be recognised for being sustainable.

“We are the first, but we will not be the last,” Nuno underlined. “It is a trend that is going to be felt more and more. It is essential to continue growing as a company, but also for the world to be on the right path.”

Someone Somewhere has also been acknowledged for its social contribution after achieving its B Corp Certification, which indicates the company is meeting high standards in all fields.

“Our motto is that we are not only the best company in the world but also the best for the world.”