China tightens rules against tourists staying in residential areas

BEIJING, 30 Sept 2021:

The Beijing municipal government has issued a notice to owners of flats listed in tourist accommodation services with new rules for operating in residential localities, state broadcaster CCTV said today.

As per the new requirements, the owners have to take the consent of the rest of the proprietors, who normally form part of a neighbourhood committee.

CCTV said these committees have refused to consent to the renting out of flats, which has led to large-scale withdrawal of tourism accommodations in Beijing from specialised mobile apps.

EFE tried to search tourism accommodation in the Chinese capital and was able to confirm that the number of apartments on offer has dropped significantly in areas dominated by residential complexes.

Meanwhile, in Beijing’s outskirts or in the old city centre, where there are more buildings or houses that do not belong to a residential estate and operate independently, a large number of properties continue to be available both on international services like Airbnb and local competitors such as Tujia.

The Travel Daily website said tourism accommodation service Mudiao had to withdraw thousands of listed apartments and the measure could have affected up to 15% of their properties in Beijing.

According to a report released by the iiMedia Consulting in July 2020, the number of tourist apartments on offer in Beijing stood at around 42,000, the highest for any Chinese city.