Retail-franchise federation creates record for CNY

GLENMARIE, 10 Feb 2023:

The Asean Retail-Chains & Franchise Federation (ARFF) marked the Year of the Rabbit by presenting the largest pair of Chinese New Year calligraphy ever to be produced in Malaysia.

The 60m-long ‘Chun Lian’ (Chinese New Year Couplet) calligraphy – painted by Adam Ng from The Calligraphy Society of Malaysia – was unveiled at the ARFF festive luncheon.

‘Chun Lian’ is a unique genre of Chinese literature calligraphed in Chinese characters on two vertically positioned red papers.

These red papers are usually placed on the main entrance of buildings and homes to symbolise prosperity and good luck to the owners.

The Malaysian Book of Records was also present during the unveiling as the 60m ‘Chun Lian’ was registered as a new record.

This record-setting by ARFF is to commemorate the nation’s unique cultural diversity as a result of 60 years since the alliance of east and west Malaysia.

Organising chairlady Carmen Soo said: “This monumental event emphasises a very special year in which Sabah and Sarawak became a part of our glorious country.

“We want to remind the rakyat of the importance of preserving our cultures, traditions, and history.”