Industry honoured with MCMC Star Rating Awards 2021

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Dec 2022:

In a continuous effort to uplift delivery standards by local industry players in the essential services sector, Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil yesterday bestowed 24 honours in the MCMC Star Rating Awards 2021 ceremony.

Previously held before Covid19 restrictions focused on the separate industries of telecommunications, broadcasting plus courier and postal services, the latest event combines all three into one major honour.

While praising the winners for their creditable diligence, Fahmi said the awards should be milestones for those who have yet to achieve standards which keep rising annually as customer expectations grow, as well as those already honoured to aim even higher.

Such standards are key as he noted that Malaysia’s mobile cellular subscriptions was over 47.2 million in as at the third quarter of this year – representing a 143.7% penetration rate per 100 inhabitants.

He also noted that PayTV subscriptions, at 6.5 million, are on the rise again – with the penetration rate up from 78.8% in 1Q2022 to 81% 3Q2022. This was a period where many of the streaming services have become offered through existing platforms – changing from outright competitors to collaborators.

For Internet services, Fahmi said total broadband subscription stood at 46.47 million – including 4.1 fixed lines.

He also acknowledged the critical roles played during Covid19 restrictions by delivery services in postal and courier services sector – urging these firms to continue upgrading their capabilities amid the current evolving environment.